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Private Portfolio Management


  • Primarily investment and portfolio management.
  • After a free personal consultation,  the client's needs, objectives and risk tolerances are established.
  • Hourly fees are sometimes charged for smaller clients to get them started.
  • The following pertains to a "managed" account which represents our primary business.
    • The client sets up an account with a discount brokerage firm.
    • In some cases accounts are set up directly with a mutual fund company.
    • On the investment company application, the client authorizes the advisor to make trades on the account.
    • Under guidelines and terms set out by the client, the advisor selects investments and makes transactions on a discretionary basis for the clients benefit.
    • The client receives transaction confirmations directly from the brokerage or investment firm.
    • The client also receives statements directly from any other investment firm where accounts are held.
    • The advisor, Asset Management Associates, provides an easy to read quarterly report to the client.
    • Asset Management Associates continually monitors all client accounts and positions and adjusts them when required. 
    • For managed accounts the advisor works with the client on an as needed basis. Fees are not charged for phone calls or meetings when required throughout the year.
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